Kids Bedroom

Decorating Kids Bedrooms on a Budget

Decorating the home is an important and fun part of having a space to call your own. The décor you choose should show your personality and taste as well as provide for a comfortable area for you to live. Each room should flow nicely to one another yet have its own unique personality. When decorating kids bedrooms it is no different. Kids have a particular style and taste and want their room to portray that. However, the problem with designing kids bedrooms is often the expense. Kids often want the latest designer accessories or television character themes. This is fine for awhile but then they grow out if it and want something different and the kids bedrooms will cost a pretty penny to redecorate.

So, in order to make the kids happy and design kids bedrooms so they have a great space, some things need to be taken into consideration if you do not want to change the room annually and spend a lot of money that will go down the drain. If you have a limited budget to work with, which most of us do, there are some tricks you can use to get the kids bedrooms in the latest styles and fashions while maintaining a semblance of budgetary restraint. Remember to use your imagination and creativity. This will help you make up for not spending a fortune!

Whether you are decorating kids bedrooms for a boy or a girl, one of the most important parts of the room is the colors. Choose colors for the walls, flooring and the window treatments that are in neutral shades. This way, you can keep the colors for several years without having to repaint or touch up when the child gets tired of whatever theme was chosen at the time. Avoid decorating kids bedrooms with wall paper or wallpaper borders. The kids bedrooms will change through time as they grow and get interested in other things. Wall paper and borders tend to date a room, get old and are difficult and time consuming to replace when needed. So keep the walls plain and the windows plain using colors that will work with any kids bedrooms décor. You can use accessories as opposed to permanent fixtures which will help add personality and charm to the room.

Once you have a nice neutral background for the kids bedrooms you will need to furnish the room. While it may be tempting to start off with a race car bed or doll house frame, keep in mind that that sort of bed will only last for so long. Those novelty beds, while cute, are not terribly sturdy and the child will outgrow it or get tired with it pretty quickly. It is better to decorate kids bedrooms with furniture that will last several years. Decide on the size of the bed and think about what the child may be able to live with when they are teenagers. Is it a simple frame and mattress or a double bunk bed? Whatever the decision, make it last for awhile and choose a good mattress. Then, other furnishings such as a chest of drawers, student desk and bedside tables can be added. This should be sufficient furniture to last for a long time.

So now you have decorated the kids bedrooms in neutral colors with furniture that will last for several years. That sounds like the kids bedrooms are pretty plain and boring, right? It is. But, this is just the basis of decorating the kids bedrooms and the fun stuff begins. Now you can add some personality to the room. Decorate the walls with posters in the child's favorite activities, interests or characters. They are cheap and easy to replace when needed. Bed in a bag options are inexpensive and you can typically get the latest fad designs at a fairly low cost. Even if you replace the bed linens annually with a different theme it still costs fractions of pennies per day to do. Find corresponding fabric and use it to make pillows and window scarves. With a solid basis and some imagination you can frequently change the décor in kids bedrooms without spending a lot of money to do it.